Welcome to Energy Pro

Energy Pro (Fiji) Ltd is Fiji's first consulting company whose primary service is Energy Auditing, Monitoring and Conservation. We are the leading provider of energy management and efficiency services. We offer saving for your company by our professional approach at every stage of auditing, which will inspire your confidence in our organisation.

Here at Energy Pro we are not only about measuring your energy consumptions but to provide you with a comprehensive solution to minimise your energy consumption and become more productive in your daily operations. We strive to monitor and measure all your energy usage and find out better ways for you to use all the required services efficiently.

Through the use of energy efficient technologies, sophisticated auditing and monitoring equipments, better management of existing infrastructure or a range of other initiatives, the energy usage and cost can be reduced significantly.

Energy Pro recently has ventured into the new line of business by establishing a new trading company PEVIN TECHNOLOGIES. Pevin Technologies specifically focus on selling products with cutting edge technology with proven track records.