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We are the first locally owned energy auditing company in Fiji

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Our clients say

  • Digicel (Fiji) Ltd
    Energy Pro (Fiji) Ltd is a local-owned fully equipped company who performed an Energy Consumption and Maximum Demand analysis for our Air-Conditioning equipment with the use of professional sophisticated instruments. They provided us with a detailed comprehensive energy report, with recommendations on potential power savings that enables us to save thousands in power consumption cost (energy bill) that we were otherwise earlier wasting. Energy Pro (Fiji) Ltd has qualified and dedicated staff w...

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  • Kadavu Holdings Ltd
    At the end of the audit, Energy Pro provided us with the report which contained the energy logging for the overall building. The recomendation in the report have correclt identified areas where KHL had expanded energy where improvement and measures can be implemented inorder to save energy and therefore reduce costs. For KHL, this exercise has also for the first time documented in detail the energy consumption patterns, quality issues, electrical distribution variations and heat measurement da...

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  • Sheraton Group
    Energy Pro Ltd a locally owned company was assigned to carry out an energy audit of Level 2 and 3 at our premises; Sheraton Hotel, Denerau Villas and Westin Resort. Mr. Vineet Chandra led the fully equipped team to carry out the required audit. Energy Pro provided full comprehensive report on the energy consumption, problems and inefficiencies associated with our plants and machines and proposed an efficient solution with a detailed payback of the implementation costs. Energy Pro has a well-qu...

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  • TLTB
    This is to confirm that Energy Pro conducted an energy audit in all TLTB offices around Fiji. We are very pleased to see the quality of work and furnishing done to a very high standard. The good management of the work force led to a completion of audition time as per the signed agreement. This shows the commitment of the project managers in meeting work schedules. The Energy Pro is very efficient and tidy and followed the rule of "Critical Path" very stringently. They execute their work in a v...

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  • Vinod Patel & Co Ltd
    We are very pleased with the energy audit provided by Energy Pro. Their approach was very professional and a comprehensive report was produced in the end. We have implemented a few of the recommendations from the report and are currently in the process of completing the others after which we can measure and verify our energy savings as stated in the report. Some of the findings surprised us and we are glad to have undertaken this audit as it identified some of our electrical cables overheating...

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